What is Ayurveda?

“Ayurveda is one of the most remarkable holistic medical systems in the world. It covers all aspects of heath and well-being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It includes all methods of healing from diet, herbs, exercise and lifestyle regimens to yogic practices and meditation. With its unique understanding of individual constitution, Ayurveda provides the insight for each person and each culture to create a new way of life in harmony both with the world of nature and our higher Self. It offers optimal health and development for all creatures by its profound understanding of natural law”.
David Frawley, from the book Yoga & Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Consultations

Each one of us has a unique biotype: Ayurveda works with the individual characteristics and needs of each person.
This philosophy offers us the tools for leading a simple, balanced, healthy, and creative life.
Ayurvedic consultations last 90 minutes and are conducted over video call.
We will work to improve your quality of life: we will talk in depth about your diet and the quality of your sleep.
We will also discuss your daily routines and schedules, the appropriate moments for certain activities, as well as your management of spiritual life and physical exercise.

Cooking Classes

When we make the decision to eat in a healthy way, it is ideal to prepare our own food. When we eat out, as healthy as the food may look, we never know exactly what we are putting into our bodies. The only way to actually know this, is to prepare food ourselves, with our own hands.
Cooking can be fun, easy, quick, economical, and also very delicious. Even if you have never cooked before, it is never too late to begin!
We will adjust recipes according to the biotype of the student so that he or she can experience Ayurvedic balance through diet.
We will learn to select oils, spices, vegetables, legumes, and seeds according to the climate and digestive fire.
The classes take place in Buenos Aires, Punta del Este, and New York City.
Currently these classes are also available online through Zoom.
Duration: 2.5 hours. These classes can be private, or for small groups.
We will have fun cooking, and above all, learn new information that will change your life.

Ayurvedic Yoga

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences. They complement one another and share the same Vedic roots.
Yoga is an extraordinary spiritual science of self-development and self-realization.
The practice of yoga brings balance to the body and mind, and draws us closer to a higher consciousness, the ultimate goal of human evolution.
Ayurveda is the medicinal component of yoga. It is the traditional medicine of India which recognizes each person as unique and individual, and takes this into account during treatments.
When approaching the practice of yoga from an Ayurvedic standpoint, the seasons of the year, the climate, and the dosha (prakriti and vikruti) of the practitioner are taken into consideration.
It is a customized practice that uses select techniques and postures that are tailored to the individual.
The objective is to balance the doshas through a set of techniques implemented throughout the practice.
Currently these classes are offered on Zoom. Please reach out for availability.

Seasonal Recipes


This book is an independent project that I have worked on for two years. The first part of the book introduces Ayurvedic philosophy. After that, you will find detailed vegan recipes, which are also free from gluten and other refined ingredients.

Also, the book contains a quiz to allow you to find out your personal Ayurvedic bio-type, and tips to carry out an Ayurvedic lifestyle in an accessible way.

The desire to share this beautiful philosophy with more people inspired me to write and publish this book. A healthy lifestyle should be accessible for everyone.

Ayurveda: Philosophy & Seasonal Recipes is available in Uruguay and Argentina (Spanish paperback), and as an ebook, both in Spanish and English.


Secret Beauty


I wrote this book not only to share precious insights and tips from the beloved tradition of Ayurveda but also to reconsider Western beauty standards and elevate our ideas of what it means to be beautiful.

This book is for those who are willing and ready to find themselves and the secret beauty within.

Digital Ayurveda Course


Ayurveda – Daily Routines for each Dosha

I am very happy to announce my first online course. This course is an introduction to Ayurvedic philosophy, focusing on the importance of an established daily routine to stay healthy. This course is an invitation to learn about Ayurveda as a daily lifestyle. In a natural and accessible way, this ancient science is explained through the sharing of knowledge and tools to improve and maintain good health. Ayurveda is a preventative philosophy and it shows us how to organize our lives in such a way that there is harmony and stability between our health and the environment. The online course offers all of the above, and provides tips for each Ayurvedic biotype and each season of the year.


Ayurveda Package Special


1. E-book: Ayurveda, Philosophy and Seasonal Recipes
2. E-book: Secret Beauty, Rethinking beauty from an Ayurvedic lens
3. 90-minute Ayurvedic consultation (video call)
4. 30-minute Ayurvedic consultation follow-up, 30-45 days after the consultation

About Andi

Andi Vatika has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Ayurveda for over 17 years. She studied in India, NYC, and Buenos Aires. Besides being a certified Yoga teacher and an Ayurveda life coach, she is also a translator in literature and writes poetry. She has published two poem books, as well as two Ayurveda books. Andi is the creator of Epione Juice, an Ayurvedic juice and snack bar based in Brooklyn, NY. She lives in Punta del Este, Uruguay.


  • I am a student of Andi's. I consider myself at beginner level and when I started going to Andi's class, my insecurities and doubts on my own personal practice dissipated. She makes you feel comfortable and teaches you, no matter what level you are, that you are on an individual path and your yoga practice is your own - there is no need to compare nor judge - only appreciate your body, your effort, and the fact that you are working towards your goal! I have taken multiple Yoga classes with Andi, specifically Vinyasa. I can honestly say that Andi's teaching technique and class itself is beyond rewarding and inspiring. Not only does Andi work you physically, but also mentally. I leave her class feeling refreshed in every possible way - she links the spiritual to the physical with ease. Each time I am in a pose that is painful, where I am shaking and my mind enters a place of "I cannot hold this pose any longer!" - she is quick to remind you that we are able to hold any pose and that pain, the burn, is the fire within is a GOOD thing - we are alive - we are beyond our thoughts that come and go. I love Andi's class and it inspires me to keep on with my own Yoga practice and development! And not to mention, she makes a mean Chai tea which we enjoy after our practice!
    I have also had an Ayurvedic Consultation with Andi. The consultation was extremely informative and inspiring. Andi is very easy to connect with and she explains the Ayurvedic lifestyle in a way that is easy to understand and how it applies to everyday life. She provided a folder with information on Ayurvedic Bio-Types and you take a test beforehand to determine your own - then she takes it from there to apply the session to your own bio-type and how to make changes in your life according to your results! It is extremely inspiring and an interesting topic and Andi makes it very enjoyable and personal. She is an excellent person to talk to if you are looking to make this a part of your life. Her demeanor also eases any worry you may have - she is easy to connect with - and that makes this process of the consultation not only comfortable and informative, but worth the while! Thanks Andi!

    Alicia Smith, Brooklyn, NY

  • "It has been a wonderful experience getting to know Andi and learning from her deep and comprehensive understanding of Yogic Practice. Although she excels at asana and is one of the best yoga teachers I've had (after taking various classes for 10 years), her wisdom extends well beyond yoga's physical expression, into the realms of holistic diet and Ayurvedic systems. Andi came to my family's house and treated our whole family to a wonderful cooking lesson and dinner which was incredibly fun and gave us so many new ideas on eating better! It was a great experience.
    Andi's superb gift is to help anybody help themselves through the extraordinary tools Yoga gives us. Her knowledge comes from years of devotional study and practice, and extensive travel around the world on a quest to discover the real truth behind yogic traditions and the contemporary expression of yoga's many forms. With humor, compassion and love Andi shares her gift with us, helping us find ourselves and becoming very much the better for it."

    Sven Johnson - Ashtanga yoga Practitioner, Illustrator, and Father, of Greenpoint Brooklyn

  • I am so lucky to have found Andi. Rarely have I encountered a teacher who has mastered the art of traditional ashtanga poses while keeping the sequences fresh and alive. She really believes in the yoga practice outside the asana practice as well, offering ayurvedic consultations for students and serving delicious chai after class! This is where physical practice and spiritual healing meet. - Anne Brink, yoga student and teacher .

    Anne Brink, NYC

  • Andi’s devotion to her work, attention to detail, and articulation make working with her an experience you won’t get anywhere else. She’s gentle enough to make sure you’re comfortable, and strong enough to push you past your limits to new heights. I would recommend taking one of Andi’s yoga classes to anyone in Buenos Aires.

    Devin Foley, sound engineer for The Strokes, NY.

  • Working with Andi reminds me how much I need yoga in my life. She’s one of the only instructors I know that makes it fun, hard and I process that becomes a lifestyle. Andi is an amazing teacher that centers you with the earth. There is an endless amount of knowledge to learn from her and she is a very exciting teacher to learn from.

    Albert Hammond Jr., The Strokes, NY.